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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Intel Core i7-4770K review

Intel's top Haswell CPU fails to move the desktop PC game on

Spare a concept for the new Intel Core i7-4770K. it is the quickest version of the desktop a part of Intel's latest CPU design, referred to as Haswell.
With that comes expectations. this is not simply a minor tweak or a die shrink. As Intel itself with pride claims, this is often the fourth generation of its Core design. Unleash the fireworks.
Except, there are no. that is as a result of the Haswell design is regarding 2 things, one in all that is unsuitable to the Intel Core i7-4770K and also the alternative it does not even get.
The first is quality. Haswell is unquestionably a powerful breakthrough for Intel as a mobile design. however as a high-end desktop chip?
Intel Core i7-4770K review
The i7-4770K's retail packaging
Then there is graphics. Intel has seriously ramped up the graphics gumption with Haswell. For reasons we won't quite fathom, it hasn't formally unconcealed the quantity of practical graphics units within the quickest iteration of Haswell graphics, referred to as Iris.
Intel Core i7-4770K review
But we're pretty certain there ar forty of them and that is over double the sixteen units found within the quickest chips from the preceding generation of Intel processors, referred to as vine Bridge. Indeed, Intel reckons Iris is sweet enough to require on a number of the less important distinct graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD.

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But we will not inquire into that here because the Intel Core i7-4770K does not get Iris. Instead, it has been specced up with the Intel HD Graphics 4600. In performance terms, it is a twenty unit graphics core Associate in Nursingd an progressive success over its precursor. which suggests that it isn't up to real recreation.
In that context, the very fact that it crashed out of and would not run our Shogun: Total War two benchmark is not an excessive amount of of a worry. you would not need to play it on the Intel HD Graphics 4600 anyway.
But that package bug does not prognosticate well for Iris graphics, that is precisely identical design. It simply has a lot of units. Intel's graphics drivers do not have the best of reputations, thus Associate in Nursing impeccable performance in terms of simply running games (rather than the frame rates) is what everybody must see.


Cinebench 11.5

Intel Core i7-4770K: 8.05pts
Intel Core i5-4670K: 6.11pts
Intel Core i7-3770K: 7.55pts

x264 HD 4.0 video encode

Intel Core i7-4770K: 45.5fps
Intel Core i5-4670K: 36.9fps
Intel Core i7-3770K: 41.4fps

Shogun: Total War 2

Intel Core i7-4770K: 37.1fps
Intel Core i5-4670K: 37fps
Intel Core i7-3770K: 35.6fps

Maximum Overclock

Intel Core i7-4770K: 4.7GHz
Intel Core i5-4670K: 4.5GHz
Intel Core i7-3770K: 4.7GHz

Integrated graphics performance (Batman Arkham City)

Intel Core i7-4770K: 48fps
Intel Core i7-3770K: 42fps
As for the Intel Core i7-4770K's mainframe performance, we have a tendency to refer you to the previous Intel Core i7-3770K. As a result of it is not dramatically completely different. You'll argue that Intel has refined its Core design to such a degree that it's impractical to expect huge development.
And we would not argue with the on a core-for-core basis. Intel's Core, er, cores square measure fantastic. however we've been stuck on simply four of them for Intel's thought socket for years, now. thereon subject, it's value noting that the 4770K and its brethren need one more new socket, thus you cannot simply drop it into existing motherboards. 
Intel Core i7-4770K review
 Our new Z87 motherboard
Anyway, Intel has the choice of either adding some cores or upping the clockspeeds. It's done neither and therefore the result's a mainframe that is marginally quicker in benchmark tests however does not deliver any extra performance you'll truly feel.
It's no higher at overclocking, either, going by our early tests. A most clockspeed on water cooling of four.7GHz may be a standoff with the previous 3770K. that is not one thing that the new baseclock strap overclocking possibility goes to assist with.
The Haswell wafer


The overall gist, then, it that seldom includes a C.P.U. mooted as a latest design done therefore very little to vary the sport for desktop computing. It's still an excellent C.P.U. and also the solely possibility at this value purpose. It's simply barely any higher than the processor it replaces.
Are we have a tendency to unsuccessful by Haswell? Yup, however we have a tendency to knew it had been coming back. We'd seen the subject briefs that exposed modest changes to the C.P.U. cores whereas Intel had confirmed it might be four cores. and also the clock speeds were ne'er probably to be abundant higher. the fact is that it's reaching to take some correct competition from AMD to wake Intel from its slumber.
Intel's new Haswell chips ar all regarding mobile computing superior skill. And it shows. This desktop variant is simply a awfully tiny revolution.

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